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Fun, Fast and Secure

Everything you need to stay connected with your closed ones. Better with Ridmik+

Chat & Calls

Ridmik+ is fun and easy to use. Ridmik+ has the best chatting experience with stickers, themes, gifs, bits. Enjoy HD audio and video calls and stay connected with your loved ones.


Chat with friends and we'll give you bits. Use bits to buy interesting items from the Bits Store. When paired with Ridmik Keyboard, you can get double bits!


Share your moments with friends. Give bits on friends post on the feed to show your apprecitation.


Ridmik+ offers the industry standard secure messaging experience.

Text, Voice & Video Calls

Enjoy the best chatting experience. Ridmik+ offers a full featured chatting experience.

Stickers, Emojis, Themes

With over 70 Bangla stickers, your chat on Ridmik+ is even better. Talk more with less words. And themes, Ridmik+ has the best theme collection ever!

Share Files & Media

Share your files, screenshots, images, videos and other medias in chat.


The Fun Starts With Spinning The Wheel

Spin the wheel and get exciting gifts! Bits Store is waiting for you with amazing data packs, stickers and more.


Stay updated with friends.

Share your moments you care about on the Feed. Let people appreciate your journey by giving bits. The more bits you get on post, the higher your position will be on the leadearboard. See you there!

Voice & Video Calls

Keep Your Loved Ones Close to You

Enjoy HD audio and video calls with your friends and family.


Any Questions?

The best way to know more about Ridmik+ is by getting the app on your phone.

Ridmik+ is a chatting and social app made by the same people who brought you the Ridmik Keyboard 10+ years ago to give you a better experience in communicating with your loved ones.

You can use Ridmik+ on Android and iOS devices. Just click on the download buttons and install Ridmik+.

Absolutely. We take privacy very very seriously. Protecting our users privacy is the most significant of our core values. We have maintained Ridmik Keyboard for more than 10 years and we always upheld this value. To protect you even more, we never store any messaging data in our servers once it reaches the receipient.

Not at the moment. But we have plans to make versions for web/desktop later.