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Emoji key is shown at the bottom right corner of the keyboard, depending on the text box you are typing in. If you cannot see this in a particular text box, just long press on the enter key.

If you see "Emoji" or any other key instead of the enter key, please press the "Shift" key.

Go to keyboards settings, then "Appearance & Layouts", then "Enable number row"

Go to keyboards settings, then "Appearance & Layouts", then "Enable enable keyboard resizing". After that, change the "Keyboard height scale".

Ridmik Keyboard does NOT collect or send your typing data over the internet. Your privacy is very important to us. Your personal typing data is safe and it's guaranteed by us. Please read more here

"Unijoy" was removed because of a copyright dispute. Although we do not believe that it was an accurate claim.

Here are the explanations:

  • Contact: Contact permission is used to show your friend's name suggestions from your contacts. You can disable this in settings. In modern android versions, this permission is also asked at run time. You can deny the permission if you don't need contact name suggestions.
  • Record Audio: This permission is asked to convert speech to text, providing you a voice typing feature.
  • Internet: This permission is necessary for converting speech to text. It uses google's service.
  • Write External Storage: This permission is necessary for the "learn from your typing" feature. It stores a word usage frequency data on your phone to provide better text suggestion.
Other permissions are not considered harmful or anything to worry about. Please read more here.

The Android system (not the keyboard) shows you this warning when enabling a keyboard. And it shows this warning for each and every keyboard except the built-in one. Since everything you type on a keyboard, goes to the input box through the keyboard app, a keyboard app can record and send your data to their server if it wants. That's why you should only the keyboards you trust. It's just a fair warning from the Android system for you to be careful. It does not mean that the app is stealing your personal data.